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Customer Privacy


The Hospital promises to safeguard the privacy of patients and providers. We will not track the movements of our customers throughout the website. Any information that is offered to us by our customers will not be sold to any third parties, and not eve shared with our partners without the expressed permission from the customer themselves. 


Many online businesses consider information gathered from customers as an asset to be sold or traded for profit. Healthcare companies even pursue such actions online. For example, there is a consortium of pharmaceutical companies that are collecting a database of consumer information by monitoring movement of people from a variety of websites. We consider healthcare to be a unique industry that requires the privacy of the consumer at all costs.


We will also do our best to safeguard the privacy of customers from outside intruders. Given this priority, we will use the Internet only to send and receive medical records but not for storage. The medical records will be stored in a computer that is never hooked to a phone line or the Internet. Such drastic security measures reduce convenience, but insure privacy. Privacy and security are the most important factors that patients consider when analyzing an online medical record system.