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Our Guarantee


National Hospital is dedicated to providing quality healthcare information and services. We guarantee that we will do our best to provide these services, and that we will always safeguard the privacy of our customers. We also guarantee that all information provided in our website has been chosen on the basis of quality, and not by payment from third parties.


We will always try very hard to fulfill all of our commitments. We will never share our customers information with any outside parties. We do not consider our customers' information to be a proprietary asset. We will make sure that our advertisers do not have access to customers' private information.


We guarantee that we will always do our very best to fulfill all (reasonable) requests. All requests are taken very seriously, and we try very hard to to help everyone that needs assistance. If we

are unable to fulfill a request for information or services, we will try to locate another resource that can fulfill that specific need.


We will do our very best to only partner with quality healthcare providers to supply our telemedical services. Although we try to include only quality healthcare providers in our web directories, we do not take responsibility for the interaction between providers and customers once the customer contacts the provider directly.